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Slow Week

Nothing too crazy going on this past week. Working on the Shovel motor. Making an 80″ out of a 74″. Rings showed up along with a sweet little FTWCO hat. My son claimed the hat in the first 5 minutes of opening the box. Moved one of my big presses out of the house and out to the garage to have delivered to the shop. Snapped the foot peg off my bike yesterday night so I spent some time today drilling out and re-taping everything for some big grade 8 shit. Had some stainless nuts on the shelf so I tossed em into the lathe this afternoon. Turned out some sweet rings. I have a couple left. No idea of the size, I just trimmed the fat till they fit my finger. Email me if you want one. Send $10 bucks and your address and I’ll ship it out. Tomorrow is the Scooter Trash Show. I really don’t know too much about it but I’ll be there. Come out and support.






Come to Daddy!

Been holding out for a long time on getting a lathe but its finally time to bring it on home. I’ve got the garage insulation, sheet rock and heating in the mix so that my equipment doesnt just waste away. This lather is gonna come in real handy with my old printing equipment too. I cant count how many times I’ve had to call in a last minute favor to get something milled, drilled or lathed to get one of the presses back up and running. Dig it. Real pics coming soon. By the way… check out the South Bend site. Tons of really great information to keep folks on track. Knucklebusterinc has a bunch of great posts on the subject too.