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Heated storage is BACK!

It’s a little late in the season but we’ve recently scored more heated storage! $30/month gets you a spot in a safe, secure, heated building with full video surveillance.  We’ll tend you battery and stabilize your tank. Hell, I’ll even dust the thing off for you when you’re ready to pick it up.  Located near Dinkytown and North East area. Store your bike, scooter, atv mx, whatever. Email Brian at to book a spot today.

A German Triumph

Reinhart is a good friend of mine out here in MN. Originally from Germany, dude is obsessed with motorcycles in a very scary way. He put this triumph together last year with Born Free as his goal. He spent a lot of nights after work in the Speed Club garage finishing the work on his bike. I just stood around drinking Pabst and taking pics. Thanks to the Pabst, I completely forgot that I even took pics.

Late Nights at the Shop

Every now and again, I end up pulling a double duty over at the print shop. It’s kinda cool cause I can crank the music without the business next door getting all “sandy vagina’d” on me. When the work day is through I can crack a beer, start shutting down and on occasion… even take some late night pics. I love my machines. In the daylight, they just sit quietly waiting for me to wake them up. And then when deadlines start gettin real crazy, this place is pounding and the floor vibrates like a locomotive. I love my machines. All 10 tons of them.


Speed Club Garage Pics

Sorry for the late post today. Had to visit the dentist. Call me 5 years old if you want to… but I HATE the dentist. Rusty at work. Threading rod for the forward control linkage on Eric’s xs650 chopper project. Things are really coming along. His shift and brake linkage is complete. We just need to space his back wheel, hook up the hydro brake line and check his charging system and he’s squared away for the rest of the summer. We’ll post more stuff to the chopper blog  along the way. Check back.