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Fathers Day in Minnesota

Woke up to a little corn beef and eggs with a side of black coffee and toast. Cruised over to Back to the 50’s car show for some swap meet action. Kind of a dead scene considering it was Sunday. I did see this gem of a Gasser parked somewhere just off the beaten path. I couldnt pass up getting a quick picture.

From there I went home and got out the bike. Took a ride over to the Blind Lizard cycle rally in Minneapolis to catch up with CT. Reinhart came limping in on his Triumph. Points were well beyond useless. Pretty Rick and the Monk happened to be in the crowd and decided to do the Minnesota thing and come over and get his points readjusted. After a little file action and a few swift kicks, the salty dog was up and running on two cylinders again. New points are being installed as I type.

Came home, napped for a hour, ate a sub, went back to bed. All in all – a good fathers day.

Two to Spare

RL came by last night and gave me a hand remounting the xs650 motor back in the bike. A quick process. We knocked out the timing, carbs, and wiring in about an hour and after some uneventful kicking, she eventually fired up for the first time since last September. Called it a done deal with two PBR’s to spare. I’ll revisit this thing in the spring to adjust the valves and timing and to mount a new rear fender but for now, this one is destine for storage.


Lots of tire kicking over the weekend. One guy laid down cash and backed out. THE SCOOTER IS STILL AVAILABLE. One weekend of reassembly and you’ve got a scooter worth 2k come spring. Someone come and take this thing home.

Twin City Folk Spotted on CoC.

I was scanning the old Church of Choppers site this afternoon and look what I found! Heavy speaking suspiciously into his hand. I think he’s saying “rebel to base – tacos on standby.” I also found this fella kicking over the bike we featured some weeks back from the Donnie Smith Bike Show. I gotta say – I thought this thing was all show but apparently she’s a driver. All very cool pics from last weekends Kung Fu Tap and Taco Dice Party in Iowa. Dig it.