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“Choppering” Part 2


Met up with Jordan and KBass to ride for the weekend but missed the departure. Wound up doing the first 150 miles solo. Finally caught up with everyone only to run out of gas somewhere between “you got a purdy mouth” and “hey fuck you”.

As I pulled over and stepped on the brake I realized we had bigger trouble. No brake pressure! Turns out my steel brake line had somehow snapped off below the flare and all the fluid ran out. Brought the bike to a stop just across the road for some public golf course.

I decided it was Miller time so I walked across the back 9 and found the club house. Everyone in their Titleist hats and me in sunglasses stinking like a gallon of spilled gas. I couldn’t stop smiling over the strange occurrences that had just brought me smack into the middle of their world. It was fucking hysterical to know that all these grown ass men were obviously uncomfortable with me in the room but too square to say or do shit about it. They didn’t want me there but there I am. I drank until I’d had my fill. Tipped the blonde and went back out to the road feeling like I own the place. Eventually the truck showed up with me sitting sunburnt and grinning like a fool in the ditch grass.

Choppers, man.


Jordan scored an amazing Triumph for his lady love Heather. The three of us went Lording through St Paul last night. Thanks for the sweet pic, Heather.


the LackLuster Express

Lackluster has some plans of his own this winter and he’s got all the right parts. You couldn’t pull Jordan away from this thing last night. Gotta love that red tractor paint on the springer. Dig it.

A Texas Style Trip

On our way back from Born Free last year, we made a number of stops at some long forgotten holes in the wall. This one in particular sticks out. We made a few calls while traveling through Texas. A lot of the bike junkyards had long since closed but one guy gave us a lead on someone. He said “yeah, call Dan… He’s got an old grocery store full of stuff.” Low and behold, He truly did have a grocery store full of parts. We met up with Dan and his buddy Mustang. After they sniffed us out to make sure we weren’t trouble, they let us dig through anything and everything. Jordan scored big. Old pan trans case among some other stuff. I just grabbed whatever looked shinny. The whole time, Dan is sitting out front on a lawn chair pick ticks off his dog. It was surreal. It crazy to remember that we went from standing in the middle of Born Free 3 to a grocery store in Texas full of HD parts in less than 24 hours. There is a second half of this story better left untold for now but… I realized this morning as I glanced at some of the parts I got from Dan, that I never posted any of the pics. Enjoy.

Specially Made for…

Jordan – at Union Speed. Letterpress production tags.