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the Kingdom of Diamond Dave

Much thanks and appreciation to Diamond Dave who was kind enough to let me stop by his garage last night for some much needed advise and inspiration. Dave’s a real cool fella. He’s got style and an endless stash of killer chopper parts. He knows his sh*t and is willing to share some knowledge. All you gotta do is listen. That’s good people.

Click here to check out some photos of Dave’s garage scene shot by Josh Kurpius from Kemosabe and the Lodge

photo by Josh Kurpius

Bobber, Chopper, Rabbit, or Rat?

I don’t know. This bike was really spectacular. Perhaps too spectacular to wear a carb badge reading “rat.” I could be wrong but judging by the 10lbs of metal flake, pin striping, pan head motor, and completely far-out assembly, I have to admit that this bike was definitely invoking the spirit of Ed Roth himself. Now I’m not saying this looks like a Big Daddy freak show. I’m just pointing out that the builder definitely found some inspiration in Roth’s work. Enjoy these pics. We certainly do. Kid tested- mother f*cker approved. – Speed Club

Drag Bikes of the Past – Barn Job

Found these images some year or so back. It’s “Barn Job!” I always keep these sorts of vintage drag motorcycle images around as inspiration for y next build. It’s a chopper? It’s a bobber? Who cares. There’s just something about casting away the frills for pure, raw, screaming, hate-filled, SPEED! Just look at this thing. This is a blow-your-hair back kind motor-cicle. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these things sitting around in the garage quietly waiting to kill you? This message has been Speed Club Approved

Vintage Lions Raceway Pics

Welcome to the chopper blog. I should point out that my personal preference is speed over looks. Not sure where I found these but where ever they came from, I love looking to them for design inspiration. It’s not Midwest but it will certainly do.