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Slow Week

Nothing too crazy going on this past week. Working on the Shovel motor. Making an 80″ out of a 74″. Rings showed up along with a sweet little FTWCO hat. My son claimed the hat in the first 5 minutes of opening the box. Moved one of my big presses out of the house and out to the garage to have delivered to the shop. Snapped the foot peg off my bike yesterday night so I spent some time today drilling out and re-taping everything for some big grade 8 shit. Had some stainless nuts on the shelf so I tossed em into the lathe this afternoon. Turned out some sweet rings. I have a couple left. No idea of the size, I just trimmed the fat till they fit my finger. Email me if you want one. Send $10 bucks and your address and I’ll ship it out. Tomorrow is the Scooter Trash Show. I really don’t know too much about it but I’ll be there. Come out and support.






House of the Temple of the Wolf

St Patty’s day I headed to the House of the Temple of the Wolf. Between Zac, Dave and Gator, these dudes have attempted most every part combination you can think of. I usually save myself a lot of frustration by just hanging around, asking questions and gettin my learnin on. Met some cool people as always, had a couple beers and stared at a pant load of Magnetos. That shit is right on time. I gotta think about gettin me one.

Snapped a couple pics with the camera phone and when I got home and looked at them I realized I had the fixins for a pretty slick panoramic. Click the above image and check it out full size. Dig it!


Machinery Hill Swap Meet – A Great Score

Woke up Sunday with a sore throat and a head cold. Ruined almost all my weekend plans. I noticed a sh*t load of hot rods whipping past the house on the way to the fairgrounds. Turns out the St Paul fairgrounds hosted another car extravaganza on Sunday. I grabbed some coffee for the throat, tossed the boy in the wagon and we walked over (I should mention we live near by the fairgrounds).

What a great score. I found another one of those hard-to-find Harley Sprint tanks which look amazing on almost any chopper or bobber. I also picked up a great red metal flake lid. It was pretty trashed inside but fits like a glove. Tossed everything into the wagon and headed home. Those car swaps are great for bike shopping. Since everyone is looking for car parts, you get the pick of the litter over any and all bike stuff. Dig it.