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Speed Class?

Can you dig it!? HEAVY himself gettin some pics of my bike for the upcoming issue of Show Class magazine! Rolled the bike out over the highway along an old caged foot bridge. Zac’s got an eye for finding places like this. Z snapped some crazy riding shots too. Nothing says gangster like a long bike in motion. By a Speed Club Tshirt. Help me get to Born Free.

Born Free – take 4

Born Free is a rad show put on by rad people with nothing but good intentions. Its an inevitable who’s-who of chopper aficionados wandering through a sea of lovers, haters and appreciators. Let’s not forget, there’s a bike given away too. How cool is that? As the show approaches, Im thinking more and more about the trip, making new friends and everything else that falls into the spirit of the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong… it would be wild to win a bike but it’s really such tiny part of a much larger plan. The longer Ive known folks like Harpoon, Grant and (locally) my HEAVY neighbors, the more I realize that we’re all one great big Speedmaster spinnin’ down the same highway. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in California.

pic courtesy of MCart.

Full Tilt = HUGE

This is the first year for FT and its proving to be epic. In your final days as you lay there gasping for breath on the side of the highway you are going to start thinking about the things you missed out on in life. Some kid on a bicycle runs over to your dying body. You open one eye barely whisper… “full tilt.” Support your local chopper blogs. Be there.

Busted Flat 30 Miles from Home

Made our way back into MN through 70 in WI. Hooked up with 65 headed south into Minneapolis. Had the Yammy pegged coming down the highway when I heard a tiny “pop.” Instantly lost power,  no throttle response. Couldn’t down shift. I actually thought my throttle cable snapped or something. Turns out she was a little too lean to be running WOT for that long. Locked it up solid and slid to a halt. I ended CHOPOUT parked on the side of the highway with a soft seize and a truck on the way. Definitely a bummer seeing as how I was only another 30 minutes from completing the ride but hey, it’s an xs650. Built cheap to ride straight into the ground. RL got a pick of me sitting roadside like a punk, waitin’ for my ride. I guess I have something to do this winter. If anyone has a spare XS motor sitting around, hit me up. I’m in the market.  ~ check back with the midwest chopper blog this winter for more moto love.

4 days to CHOPOUT!

We’re 4 days out. Trying to get every ones orders shipped before we leave town. Cycles and camping ~ two things I love!

Pack your sleeping bag, a jacket and a warm hat. It might get cold out there. Speed Club will be providing maps. Looks to be a lot of xs650’s in the line up but then again, I have absolutely no way of knowing exactly how many people are going! All roads are pretty easy going. No major highways. No need to even break 45mph (David, I’m looking at you dude). Camp out with the gang. Take it easy. Food and beer is within walking distance. Speed Club will provide tunes and coffee on Sunday morning. Hit the road and meet up at Tobies on 48 for Sunday Breakfast.

Stuff to consider:
Warm Hat
A cup
Sleeping Bag
Flash light

CHOPOUT 2010 – Midwest
September 18th-19th