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Chopper Shack

The Chopper Shack is open for business. I’ve posted a lot of parts over the holiday and am already shipping orders out. Check out the goodies and email me if you need something specific. Anything from a brake pedal to a motor. I just might have something in my stash.

Indiana Bound

ON my way to Indiana for some big bike show/swap meet. Hoping to swoop in and find some goodies to bring back. This bummer weather had me diggin’ through some shots of this past summer. Here’s one of my boy Sonny on New Kevins Dream Machine. This shot looks a little like some kind of chopper cult commune with a handful of little kiddos running around, kickin up dirt. Summer… come back soon… I miss you already.

Goods are in the Mail

Goods are in the Mail. That’s right gang. If you’re still waiting on your chopper parts, please be patient. We’ve just made another trip down to the post office with trike loads of shirts and other goodies. All you UK folks, please be extra patient. It takes a while to cross the pond. See everyone on Saturday. Show some love – say hello to your local chopper blog and  pick up a speed club shirt at the show.

Back from the Shovelhead Underground

We’ve returned from the shovelhead underground. Managed to come out the other side with a couple shovelhead motors. One complete and the other is a basketcase shovelhead. The dude I bought everything from is a pretty cool fella. The more we hung out the more stuff he threw in with the deal. Managed to drive off with 2 motors, coils, carbs, a spare engine stand, a set of straight pipes and he even tossed in a few books and hard parts catalogs. I gave him a list of some other odds and ends that I’ve been looking for so hopefully I’ll be headed back soon for a few more goodies. Speed Club Approved.

Bearded Lady Stamp of Approval

So it’s officially official. Just checked out the bearded lady motorcycle show site on Tuesday. The Speed Club logo is now posted and linked as a sponsor. Special thanks to CT and the Bearded folk. We’re dragging out a few goodies from the garage and will see everyone there! Speed Club – over and out!