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Silent Night

Ive been spending the last few nights in the garage doing some insulation, cleaning, sheet rock and rearranging. Snapped a few quick pics and eventually my stereo crapped out on me. Late night in the shop with no tunes is kinda creepy.

the D Pedal

Last night I was lucky to get pics of Zac Dooms garage-made Lee pedal. Joe calls it a D Pedal. I think that’s pretty fitting. Joe Mason and Diamond Dave are also lending a hand. Click the pic to see an enlarged image. Dig it.

Garage Pics

I’ve picked up a lot of parts recently and have made a lot of headway on the time machine. I finally stopped to grab the camera and snap some pics for the chopper blog. Just a bunch of random shit. Enjoy.

Slow Week

Nothing too crazy going on this past week. Working on the Shovel motor. Making an 80″ out of a 74″. Rings showed up along with a sweet little FTWCO hat. My son claimed the hat in the first 5 minutes of opening the box. Moved one of my big presses out of the house and out to the garage to have delivered to the shop. Snapped the foot peg off my bike yesterday night so I spent some time today drilling out and re-taping everything for some big grade 8 shit. Had some stainless nuts on the shelf so I tossed em into the lathe this afternoon. Turned out some sweet rings. I have a couple left. No idea of the size, I just trimmed the fat till they fit my finger. Email me if you want one. Send $10 bucks and your address and I’ll ship it out. Tomorrow is the Scooter Trash Show. I really don’t know too much about it but I’ll be there. Come out and support.






Satan’s Chariot

Killing time waiting for the fellas to show up. Got a nice little pic of Satan’s Chariot (a.k.a “Beelzebub’s Vibrator”). Nothing but an iPhone camera and my motion sensor light from the garage. It was seriously looking like some kind of magazine spread shit or something. Rode out last night for a while. Cold as ever. Stopped by the Temple to catch up with folks. Looks like a lot of new stuff is coming out of that shop next year. Minnesota is where it’s at. Dig it. Support your local chopper blog. Visit our booth at Sundays Viking Swap on the Fairgrounds.