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Lost & Found


Went through some pics today and found this great pic of my old long bike from 4 or 5 years ago. It was taken at the first Wild Ride out in WI. This thing was really fucking gnarly in every way. Not too many folks ever saw it and that’s totally my fault. Aside from stuff in my hometown, I don’t go to a lot of shows. The idea of looking at bikes all day just isn’t all that appealing to me. Even worse, the thoughts of sitting behind a booth sounds like my own personal slice of hell. Instead, a couple times a year I ride an obscene distance and sleep along the roadside with a couple good friends. Different strokes is all.

Born Free – take 4

Born Free is a rad show put on by rad people with nothing but good intentions. Its an inevitable who’s-who of chopper aficionados wandering through a sea of lovers, haters and appreciators. Let’s not forget, there’s a bike given away too. How cool is that? As the show approaches, Im thinking more and more about the trip, making new friends and everything else that falls into the spirit of the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong… it would be wild to win a bike but it’s really such tiny part of a much larger plan. The longer Ive known folks like Harpoon, Grant and (locally) my HEAVY neighbors, the more I realize that we’re all one great big Speedmaster spinnin’ down the same highway. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in California.

pic courtesy of MCart.

Canadaian Trip

This is a pic I found of my buddies bike from Canada. He and some friends cruised all the way down to Born Free 3 last year only to win one of the Triumph categories. I think the category was “most freaked out triumph” or some shit? Not seen in this pic is a human nose grafted into the rear lower axle plate. This thing is powered by a little T100R Daytona motor (500cc). This dude and his friends really stood out to me as representing the spirit of the whole Born Free show. Gotta give em a lot of love. I think his name was Michael but Im almost definitely wrong. See you next year man! (pic lifted from Chop Cult)

The Official, Unofficial Full Tilt Video!

Been a hot minute since the last blog post. I’ve been swamped at the shop or just plain busy/lazy at times. Well apparently all my sitting around doing nothing has resulted in a sweet little video presented here. Download it, share it, whatever. This is a quick video review from the first Full Tilt Chopper Show. I anticipate a number of these shows to come but there will never be anything quite like the first. The show itself was on Sunday but the party went on for maybe 3-4 days straight. Sun up to sun down, choppers, friends, partying, BBQ, and the like. The video really doesnt capture everything by a long shot but it should hopefully give you an idea of what was missed by anyone who decided not to attend. Enjoy!

Full Tilt Chopper Show from Brian Durk on Vimeo.

Welcome to Summer

I’m running around like a mad man these days. Getting ready for both the Bearded Lady and Full Tilt. My bike is at Jordan’s shop getting some fab magic. New shirts are supposed to be ready today. The heat has finally let up. Friends visited last weekend and work is work. Last night I needed to find myself so I sat on a stool in front of that damn Vespa till midnight. Zen is working in the garage.