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Courtesy of Mike Davis

Found this today on the Born Loser site. I already emailed the dude. Hopefully i hear back from him soon. I gotta get this thing home to MN. I would definitely ditch what Im building now and toss it all into this frame. This Ness set up is a real treasure to behold.


Get to work, son!

Im on fire right now son! Threw a new MK on a wheel, bars welded last night, sold some shit, bought some shit, bent up a bitch bar with New Kevin and I’ve got a vintage track racing bike project coming into the shop here shortly. I should have my frame ready for paint by Valentines Day. Donnie Smiffz here I come bitch!



Jammer Frame for sale

Older Big Twin 4spd Jammer frame for sale in the chopper shack. Good clean frame ready to build. Have a look.

Friday Days – Friday Nights

Been busy. Hit the shop in the morning and knocked out my days work by noon. Headed to Rick’s to drop off a Triumph frame for some fab work. Got home just in time to sign for a UPS package (Z-bars) and feed the dog. Checked the mail on the way out only to find my Born Loser T-shirt finally arrived. (will post later) Borrowed a trailer. Moved a bike out of storage. Hit up a local watering hole. Come 1 am – I’m back at the garage and I finally tracked down that damn oil leak! This is what I call a good day. If only I had found a little time to get some riding in.

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Born Free 3 – Count Me In!

Here it is… The winning ticket ladies. Yeah – my Born Free 3 Poster arrived today along with the ticket. I’m a letterpress printer by day but I’ve had a lot of experience in screen printing too and I gotta say; These posters are looking pretty sweet. Maybe sometime in the next few months I get around to knocking out a frame for it. Get yours here.

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