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Do You Know Kung Fu?

June 11th. Be there. I’m stuck at home with the folks arriving from out of town. Talk about bad timing. Someone bring me back a shirt and a warm PBR.

DONNIE SMITH 2011 – This Saturday.

Shit starts at 9am. Been holding out on my excessive spending all year just for this. Should be a lot of folk I havent seen all winter. Hope to catch you all out there.

Reinhart loves Anal… I mean Amal!

Big order came in today from Lowbrow Customs for Reinhart. We sat down for some viet-grub and a dick-load of Trump parts! Brand spankin’ new Amal carbs, shirts, velocity stacks, wiring, and looks like the Lowbrow boys threw in a sweet LB scarf for us frozen midwest folk. We still have a Bird loop hard tail coming in in the next couple weeks. We’ll definitely get some pics of that thing to share. Born Free – look out.

NOTE: Reinhart does not always look this way… he just got a haircut.

7/8″ Retro Grips ~ Back in Stock

7/8″ Retro Grips Back in Stock. We’ve sold these things out a few times over. Perfect for you retro, cafe, XS650, Triumph, BSA, chopper, bobber folk. These grips are 100% new old stock and are available in your choice of Black or White. We’re setting some asside for the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show too. Get ’em before they’re gone. Only $10 bucks!