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The Official, Unofficial Full Tilt Video!

Been a hot minute since the last blog post. I’ve been swamped at the shop or just plain busy/lazy at times. Well apparently all my sitting around doing nothing has resulted in a sweet little video presented here. Download it, share it, whatever. This is a quick video review from the first Full Tilt Chopper Show. I anticipate a number of these shows to come but there will never be anything quite like the first. The show itself was on Sunday but the party went on for maybe 3-4 days straight. Sun up to sun down, choppers, friends, partying, BBQ, and the like. The video really doesnt capture everything by a long shot but it should hopefully give you an idea of what was missed by anyone who decided not to attend. Enjoy!

Full Tilt Chopper Show from Brian Durk on Vimeo.

Start ’em Young – Third Thursday

Last weeks 3rd Thursday was a really good time. Saw a bunch of folks I hadnt caught up with in months. Lots of great bikes out there. Rick on Davids fatboy xs650 chopper, Jordan on his recent build, and pictured below was Reinhart and his son. I met this dude a few months back, just after returning from my trip up north. He’s got a really nice CB750 cafe. He rode to 3rd Thursday with his son on back. It was his sons first cycle party and it looked like he was having a blast. Gotta start ’em young.


You know it. First Thursdays – Uptown Minneapolis – Dulono’s Pizza.
You heard it. Speed Club – Midwest Chopper Blog.

First Thursday – Minneapolis Photo-Op!

Imagine nearly 700 people crowded onto the sidewalks of about 4 square blocks. Yup, and we got a “shload” (shit+load) of pics to prove it. There were so many people and bikes out that the cops were intentionally perched at all corners popping people left and right for damn near anything. I’m sure the fuzz made their monthly quota that night. Tons of near stock Harleys and more rice rockets than you could shake a stick at; I still found a few nuggets worth the photo op. Here are some pics.

Free Speed Club Stickers ~

Guaranteed to add 4HP to any moving vehicle ~ new batch of SpeedClubINC stickers are here! It’s first come ~ first serve on these things so get ’em before they’re gone. They’re screen printed vinyl and UV black ink so these things should last you years. Submit a pic if you find our sticker somewhere and we’ll post it to the blog. Dig it –