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Faraway Places


It’s been a long road. First working solo in my garage. Then being part of a group of guys sharing a communal space. These days I’m finding my stride of creativity exists somewhere between the two places. Im in my own shop now. I’ve found a great balance of creativity and productivity. I’m right next door to my buddies which allows me to occasionally socialize yet I can always lock the door and tune the world out as needed. If you’re in the twin cities and need new or used parts or service, give a call.

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Bobber, Chopper, Rabbit, or Rat?

I don’t know. This bike was really spectacular. Perhaps too spectacular to wear a carb badge reading “rat.” I could be wrong but judging by the 10lbs of metal flake, pin striping, pan head motor, and completely far-out assembly, I have to admit that this bike was definitely invoking the spirit of Ed Roth himself. Now I’m not saying this looks like a Big Daddy freak show. I’m just pointing out that the builder definitely found some inspiration in Roth’s work. Enjoy these pics. We certainly do. Kid tested- mother f*cker approved. – Speed Club