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Kaleb and Mason De Keyrel

Met these guys with their dad last night doing some indoor mini bike racing. Kaleb and Mason are into something really really cool. They’re your modern day motorrad family. Kaleb and his bro were “just gettin’ in some practice.” Kaleb (14) has been racing a moded R6 for some time now and to meet him and chat about racing was mind blowing. Mason (11) holds his own on the track and is really coming along in the sport as well.  They’re dad, Doug is doing an amazing job. These fellas are riding fast and smart. Check out their site and show these guys some support. Good luck this year.

Life’s a Drag!

Drag bikes are my thing. I cant get enough of em and Im pretty sure the next bike project I get sucked into will almost definitely end up being a drag bike of some kind. Im thinking either an H3, RD, KZ or maybe Ill go shovel. I cant wait to drag the wife and kids down to the track to sit under a white tent, eatin hotdogs, and sippin on coca cola. Drag racing is good old family fun.

2 Wheel Turkeys

Quite the weekend. Had all my family in town from out east. In 24 hours, my brothers and I hammered through a couple cases of beer, got tossed out of a strip club, ate a turkey, wheelied my mini bike, met some Vikings Cheerleaders and squeezed in a little trap shooting. I think i might have broke my foot this morning too. We did it all. Here are a few pics from the weekend.




Triumphs and Shotguns

Stayed an extra day on the way back in Kansas to visit with the Germans family. Sure enough, they gave us a shotgun and we rode out to the back 40. Everyone was having a blast. Jordan was a real killing machine. He hates those damn morning doves!

I was a little chopped the hell out when we left Cali but 4 days in a van has a way of making you crazy to want to get out a blast off all over again. I have tons of totally amazing pics to share so stay tuned to the chopper blog.

Happy Birthday Sonny!

Happy birthday sonny! We’re back from vacation. Sorry for the delayed posts this past week. Brian’s boy, “Sonny” just had is big first birthday. Celebrated with the family pack coming out from back east to spend the week partying. As all of you already know – the weather in MN was sh*t most of the week but we all still managed to have a blast.