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This is some shit. Granted, these guys are gonna wish they never posted it to youtube. 12 months from now some dumb ass kid is gonna get hurt. It will end up in the paper and the cops are gonna be out there tryin to shut everyone down all the time. Whatever – I’m just jealous.

Labor Day Celebration from the Chopper Blog

I’ve had a great weekend. KISS played last night in St Paul. I live about a half mile from the fair grounds so I could hear the whole thing. Sure, it was a one man party but all my friends were there (Pabst and Jerky). Happy Labor Day. Here’s a little celebratory dance with Candy Barr – Partying with the Devil. I think this young lady is going places.

Welcome to the chopper blog.

Kemosabe and the Lodge II

Great little video. Kinda odd music but I’m not judging. Have a look/listen for yourself. There’s more out there if you do a little soul searching. Dig it. Speed Club Approved. Welcome to the chopper blog.

Flat Track – Matt Holm and the Hot Shoe

Someone recommend I watch this video. I did. It’s cool. Matt Holm is doing his thing around the track. Some really great shots including a lot of live close-ups. Dig that hot shoe. It was like watching a deleted scene from Little Fauss and Big Halsy. Welcome to the chopper blog.