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No fuss, no slow reveal bullshit. EVERYTHING AT ONCE! We have a completely new line of hard parts, a catalog, a fresh site, we’re kickstarting the instagram feed (@speed_club), and we’re going hard, bitch! Check out the shop for a full list of what we’re sitting on. We don’t do fashion here so if you’re looking for something to wear, try Abercrombie & Bitch.

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Shout out to Wilford and Sons

Was out on the East Coast for a while again. Swung by a few spots I haven’t visited in more than 7 years. Caught up with some old friends and officially lost touch with others. I guess you really do win some and lose some. Found this pic today and reminded me of Wilford and his boys back in DE. Wilford and his two sons ran a little bike shop from a padlocked garage behind the old train station. Good guys. Good work. Cash only.

CHOPOUT Update – “sporks”

Things are coming together. Got a new sleeping bag on Friday. My old one is back at my brothers house on the East Coast. Started making a list of all the stuff I need to pack. I even took a trip to REI to look at all the fancy gadgets their trying to sell. I ended up buying a pocket can opener for .59 cents and a really funny spork which I gave to my son since he’s currently learning how to use utensils. All in all I learned that a tarp, a knife, a lighter and a tin can pretty much cover the basics.

Just a couple quick reminders and useful tips for those planning on attending:
– Be Cool. This is an all INCLUSIVE event.
– Pack light but stay warm.
– There is a lodge VERY near by for most of our drinking/eating necessity.
– There are new shower facilities which include a crapper.
– Gonna crash in your sleeping bag under the stars? RECONSIDER IT. That’s some Hollywood John Wayne bullshit. Maybe a tent isn’t a horrible idea. It’s up to you. It’s your trip, not mine.
– Cash – Cash – Cash
– Cell signals are spotty. Towers are being built but sh*t happens slowly out there.
– Be nice to locals (we’re in their house).
– Warm hats are good.
– Cook a potato in the fire by wrapping it in foil and setting it in alongside the coals (45-60 min).
– Empty Zip Lock bag + air = cheap pillow
– Lastly, and perhaps most importantly…BEER. We may need beer run volunteers.

See everyone around the camp fire.

A True Barn Find – “Senior”

I used to work at a motorcycle junkyard on the east coast. The yard was nce an old hatchery. Anyone who has any idea what working on a hatchery farm will tell you that chicken sh*t is one of the most foul smells imaginable. Every summer, the sun would beat own on the tin-roof coops and warm that familiar smell. I was in one of the old office building going through boxes of parts. I found this picture at the bottom of a box marked “Senior.” I remember looking at the picture and thinking, “that’s a keeper.” It’s now in a little frame in the shop just above one of my antique presses.