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Reinhart is on the scene!

It’s late and Im at the shop with Reinhart. We’re setting him up to start contributing to the site. I expect big things from this dude and so should you. Reinhart… dont mess my shit up.

Choppers for Life

This is my dude. I dont know what to say. He saves me from doing some really stupid shit sometimes. I guess it goes both ways though. Start ’em young and try to keep ’em safe. Choppers for life.

Courtesy of Mike Davis

Found this today on the Born Loser site. I already emailed the dude. Hopefully i hear back from him soon. I gotta get this thing home to MN. I would definitely ditch what Im building now and toss it all into this frame. This Ness set up is a real treasure to behold.


Canadaian Trip

This is a pic I found of my buddies bike from Canada. He and some friends cruised all the way down to Born Free 3 last year only to win one of the Triumph categories. I think the category was “most freaked out triumph” or some shit? Not seen in this pic is a human nose grafted into the rear lower axle plate. This thing is powered by a little T100R Daytona motor (500cc). This dude and his friends really stood out to me as representing the spirit of the whole Born Free show. Gotta give em a lot of love. I think his name was Michael but Im almost definitely wrong. See you next year man! (pic lifted from Chop Cult)

Making Chopper Bars

Look closely at old chopper bars. The crazy wild two-piece ones are usually a set of apes or bull horns that have been flipped, cut, mildly bent or hacked. That’s what I’m doing and shit is looking right on time. Dig it. Measure, cut, slug em, tap & mount, measure again and add a cross member or two for good measure. Some dude online is asking 120 bucks for bars just like these.

Total cost… $20 + chrome.
Satisfaction of making em myself… priceless.