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FOR SALE – 80″ Project

Up for sale in the Chopper Shack. 80″ bottom end. Running perfect when pulled and swapped for stroker motor. I pulled heads last week for something else. Cylinders/Pistons look like NEW. Hydro lifters. Old Jammer frame with custom rear axles (boxed in drag bike style). Very slight rake to neck. Seat, rigid oil tank, 35mm front end w/ good chrome, NEW Lowbrow P-nut tank. Good front tire, Junk rear tire for mock-up purposes. Now’s a great time to get started on that winter bike build. Here’s just what you need to get started. Make me an offer.

Life’s a Drag!

Drag bikes are my thing. I cant get enough of em and Im pretty sure the next bike project I get sucked into will almost definitely end up being a drag bike of some kind. Im thinking either an H3, RD, KZ or maybe Ill go shovel. I cant wait to drag the wife and kids down to the track to sit under a white tent, eatin hotdogs, and sippin on coca cola. Drag racing is good old family fun.

There goes my Winter Project

Damn – no joking. I was gonna put together an xs drag bike this winter for shits and giggles down at the track next spring. I was gonna use the XS motor cause they’re cheap and parts are all over the place both in junkyards and the web. Well much to my surprise today as I was cruising Zen of Neato, somebody already beat me to it. Fuck me. This bike looks good and scary too. I do not however see an air shift kit so Im wondering if this thing is real or for show??? Now I guess I gotta go KZ or maybe RD? I do love those Yamaha 2-strokes. Anyway, Im usually not one to post others content but this shit is worth the look. enjoy

Ironhead Wednesday

I’ve got another bike build on the brain which once again has led me straight to drag bikes. What can I say. I LOVE DRAG BIKES! Drag bikes are raw precision engineering stripped down to the absolute minimum. Speed above all else. Every inch of the bike is completely and totally utilitarian in design. Here’s a bunch of Ironhead images I’ve been collecting.

Ironhead Wednesday on the Chopper Blog.

Speed Club Drag Bike Project

Rode out to the Bearded Lady last Saturday on the Speed Club Drag Bike project. Here’s a before/after of the conversion. Started with my xs650 bobber and went from there. More coming during this winter. Chopper Blog – Dig it.