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Twin City Folk Spotted on CoC.

I was scanning the old Church of Choppers site this afternoon and look what I found! Heavy speaking suspiciously into his hand. I think he’s saying “rebel to base – tacos on standby.” I also found this fella kicking over the bike we featured some weeks back from the Donnie Smith Bike Show. I gotta say – I thought this thing was all show but apparently she’s a driver. All very cool pics from last weekends Kung Fu Tap and Taco Dice Party in Iowa. Dig it.

Donnie Smith Bike Show Highlights! – 2010

Here are just a few of the hundred+ photos I managed to snag while at the Donnie Smith Bike Show and Swap yesterday morning. I’ll post more soon so be sure to check back. For those of you headed to the show, keep your eye out for the Knucklehead Dragster pictured below. This thing is one amazing machine!

Here’s an ass-load of springers lined up at the swap meet.