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Hail from Delaware

Fall to your knees and call to the lord cause you’re gonna need help someday. There’s a lot more to this world and the next than a few old Mann paintings… man.




Dig it

Reinhart sent this in. No idea where it came from but I dig it.

the LackLuster Express

Lackluster has some plans of his own this winter and he’s got all the right parts. You couldn’t pull Jordan away from this thing last night. Gotta love that red tractor paint on the springer. Dig it.

Show Class Party – this weekend

I cant say I know all parties involved on the Show Class scene. But, from the folks I do know. The magazine, concept, and style are definitely on the level. Check ’em out. Subscribe. Dig it.

Making Chopper Bars

Look closely at old chopper bars. The crazy wild two-piece ones are usually a set of apes or bull horns that have been flipped, cut, mildly bent or hacked. That’s what I’m doing and shit is looking right on time. Dig it. Measure, cut, slug em, tap & mount, measure again and add a cross member or two for good measure. Some dude online is asking 120 bucks for bars just like these.

Total cost… $20 + chrome.
Satisfaction of making em myself… priceless.