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FULL TILT PARTY – 3 weeks!

I got a little info on the Full Tilt Party last night. Don’t quote me or anything but I heard PBR, DICE, St PAUL, and July 24th. I’ll post any updates I hear between now and then. Check out Zac at for the most up to date news. Dig it.

Church of Choppers

In case it isn’t clear… I had a damn ball last weekend at the Kung Fu – Dice – COC – Iowa party. To top it off, someone from COC was cool enough to post a pic of me on the love whip to the church of choppers site! That’s some Icing on the cake kinda shit!  Much love and appreciation goes out to the Church. Dig it.

Twin City Folk Spotted on CoC.

I was scanning the old Church of Choppers site this afternoon and look what I found! Heavy speaking suspiciously into his hand. I think he’s saying “rebel to base – tacos on standby.” I also found this fella kicking over the bike we featured some weeks back from the Donnie Smith Bike Show. I gotta say – I thought this thing was all show but apparently she’s a driver. All very cool pics from last weekends Kung Fu Tap and Taco Dice Party in Iowa. Dig it.

Kung Fu – Tacos – Dice Magazine – Des Moines Iowa

Kung Fu Tap & Taco in Des Moines, Iowa is hosting a little get-together at their place including a taco eating contest, Dice Magazine merchandise, and Heavy-Clothing (shirts/hats. stickers, etc).  I know there are some guys driving out from the Twin Cities so be there this Saturday, May 15. This event is definitely Speed Club approved.