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the Kingdom of Diamond Dave

Much thanks and appreciation to Diamond Dave who was kind enough to let me stop by his garage last night for some much needed advise and inspiration. Dave’s a real cool fella. He’s got style and an endless stash of killer chopper parts. He knows his sh*t and is willing to share some knowledge. All you gotta do is listen. That’s good people.

Click here to check out some photos of Dave’s garage scene shot by Josh Kurpius from Kemosabe and the Lodge

photo by Josh Kurpius

Zac Doom and Diamond Dave

Zac ( and Dave stopped by the over the weekend to check out a shovelhead motor. Sounds like Dave has a project in mind. Hung out in the garage for a while talking about all kinds of random shit. These guys are good people. Been all around and are really doing something all their own. Check out the Zac’s site, support HEAVY and the boys. Here’s a shot I snagged for the chopper blog just before they headed out.