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Born Free and Back…?

Still whirling on the trip.There was so much to see and do. I tried my best to capture as much amazing shit as possible. I saw great electric giants and found a lost cycle wastelands in the middle of the desert. Never mind the rattle snakes as we watched a one legged man kick start a Bonneville Harley flathead, I was spin kicking the devil into a 20ft dream catcher while some kid from Canada proceeded to melt my mind! Just then I thought I’d survive the flames but instead I was fed two year old chili and accidentally stepped on Speed Ages orange rug. I was a foreigner in this land yet I still managed to find a 4 speed ratchet case and single-handedly stopped some 8 year old girl from beaning our van with a brick. I was lucky this time but I have the map and we shall return!  ~ Enjoy!

*oh yeah – Hot Donna was there too.


Labor Day Celebration from the Chopper Blog

I’ve had a great weekend. KISS played last night in St Paul. I live about a half mile from the fair grounds so I could hear the whole thing. Sure, it was a one man party but all my friends were there (Pabst and Jerky). Happy Labor Day. Here’s a little celebratory dance with Candy Barr – Partying with the Devil. I think this young lady is going places.

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