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Shovelhead till Im Dead.


2000+ miles over the course of a week.
Another 600 miles over the last 2 days.
I’ve earned one gratuitous selfie so here it is.

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Getting close?

Yeah – me neither. Seems like everyone out here is working on at least one project if not two. I just checked the Donnie Smith Show site and that at least give me some kind of deadline. 52 days to get my act together. TO DO: Tonight Im getting up with New Kevin to bend up a sissy bar and finish weld my bars. A new wheel arrives tomorrow (Ive got the tire and tube sitting on a shelf). Im also making some crazy super-pipes and I have to rebuild a set of heads and rockers. After that, I can make some wheel spacers, mount my fender and piece everything together before stripping down for paint and chrome. Okay – so apparently Ive got some work to do.

Fathers Day in Minnesota

Woke up to a little corn beef and eggs with a side of black coffee and toast. Cruised over to Back to the 50’s car show for some swap meet action. Kind of a dead scene considering it was Sunday. I did see this gem of a Gasser parked somewhere just off the beaten path. I couldnt pass up getting a quick picture.

From there I went home and got out the bike. Took a ride over to the Blind Lizard cycle rally in Minneapolis to catch up with CT. Reinhart came limping in on his Triumph. Points were well beyond useless. Pretty Rick and the Monk happened to be in the crowd and decided to do the Minnesota thing and come over and get his points readjusted. After a little file action and a few swift kicks, the salty dog was up and running on two cylinders again. New points are being installed as I type.

Came home, napped for a hour, ate a sub, went back to bed. All in all – a good fathers day.

Late Nights at the Shop

Every now and again, I end up pulling a double duty over at the print shop. It’s kinda cool cause I can crank the music without the business next door getting all “sandy vagina’d” on me. When the work day is through I can crack a beer, start shutting down and on occasion… even take some late night pics. I love my machines. In the daylight, they just sit quietly waiting for me to wake them up. And then when deadlines start gettin real crazy, this place is pounding and the floor vibrates like a locomotive. I love my machines. All 10 tons of them.


Sportbikes = FUN

Jump ahead to 2 minutes when this dude goes for a ride with his completely brain dead buddy. These fellas are clearly having a fucking blast but they’re also probably dead now.
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