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Cycle Maintenance and Bubble Shields

– Adjust chain
– Snug some hardware
– Top her off

Had a killer weekend. Got a nice, new solo seat put on the bike and even threw some fresh seat springs on too. RL and David swung by on Saturday on their xs650 chops. David picked up a bubble shield for the fall and then we took a quick swing around the fair grounds to test out the seat springs. Reinhart came by on Sunday afternoon and we headed all the way over to East St Paul. Every place we stopped at was closed but the sun was shining and the bikes were screaming. All in all a Hella-Weekend. Now I’m just getting primed for next weekends CHOPOUT. Dig it. Join us Tuesday Night at Grumpys NE for a little CHOPOUT pre-party action.

Speed Club Spring Summer 2010 Parts Catalog – Download Now

Speed Club’s Spring/Summer 2010 Parts Catalog has arrived!That’s right folks. This is our first complete parts catalog including all Speed Club, Biltwell INC and Lowbrow Customs parts and accessories. The catalog is a digital .pdf download and includes all sorts of cool shit for your chopper, bobber, rat, XS650, Shovelhead, cafe, and whatever other 2-wheeled machine you’re riding. Why order via Speed Club? It’s simple. We’ve got great prices, great products and if you’re local you can just come pick it up in person. Save yourself the shipping and have a beer with the Speed Club Gang.

See something in the catalog you want but its not listed in our shopping cart? Just shoot us an email at with what items you are interested in we’ll have someone follow up with you. Remember; All Proceeds go towards Speed Club events, New Products, Shirts, Stickers, Website & Cycle Maintenance. Dig it.