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Born Free – take 4

Born Free is a rad show put on by rad people with nothing but good intentions. Its an inevitable who’s-who of chopper aficionados wandering through a sea of lovers, haters and appreciators. Let’s not forget, there’s a bike given away too. How cool is that? As the show approaches, Im thinking more and more about the trip, making new friends and everything else that falls into the spirit of the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong… it would be wild to win a bike but it’s really such tiny part of a much larger plan. The longer Ive known folks like Harpoon, Grant and (locally) my HEAVY neighbors, the more I realize that we’re all one great big Speedmaster spinnin’ down the same highway. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in California.

pic courtesy of MCart.

Thursday Night at the Temple

the Temple on Thursday nights is always a good time. Everyone in good spirits despite the shit MN weather. Lots of really really cool projects and custom fab parts too. The Minnesota scene is taking over.

Scooter Trash Last Satruday

Me Pete and Reinhart road out to the Scooter Trash show last Saturday. No kidding – it was 36 degrees when I woke up that morning. Made for a chilly ride but the sun was shining and a good time was had by all. Reinhart got this pic of Me and Pete bullshitting at a light somewhere. I did manage to get some half assed video of Pete and Reinhart riding down 13 which Im editing now. The show was cool. Nothin epic to report. I hung back behind the Union Speed booth with Jordan. Thanks for the pic Reinhart.


Just watched this flick last night. Been waiting for a while to see if it caught on but its still somewhat flying under the “cool” radar which means its still worth watching. Check it out. I think it’s “on demand” right now if you got cable. Otherwise, climb a cable box and stick a turkey carving fork into the comcast box and see if that works.

“Life is like a rainy day. You can either run for cover, or you can choose to get wet.”

Can’t Stop the Swap

It’s was a sh*t day all Sunday but you can’t stop the swap. I did get rid of all my little junk parts but as usual, I spent more than I made. Who cares. I’m not in it to turn a buck – I’m just doin it till my adult film career takes off.


Scored a Super E with new filter and tear drop cover. I also got a cool H1 drag rear wheel. I mostly just wanted the 18″ rim but the drag slick will have a permanent place on my wall of cool. Maybe I’ll post a pic of it here shortly.