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Jammer Frame for sale

Older Big Twin 4spd Jammer frame for sale in the chopper shack. Good clean frame ready to build. Have a look.

Shelly’s Ass…

contributing to Born Free. I was cruising through the chop cult site last night. I noticed an add at the top for the next Born Free and whose ass do I see??? Shelly’s. I’d recognize Shelly’s ass and that clean triumph anywhere. Fist bumps to Shelly! Happy Halloween.

Girder and Spooly

The chopper gods have passed on a new treasure. Girder and spool front wheel set up. Tire was brand new, everything looked pretty straight, the spool was still pretty clean and the price was right. It does need a stem but that’s no big deal. Dude had it sitting behind his table as if it wasnt for sale. That’s the funny thing about a swap. Sometime you gotta dig. Other times, you just gotta ask nicely. Dig it

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Drag Bikes From the Past – “White Trash”

Ripped from the pages of yesteryears. It says “WT.” I have no idea where this thing came from but I’ve officially decided that WT stands for “White Trash.” I’ve also decided that “FB” stands for “Finger Bang.” This guys Triumph is pretty sick and unbelievably clean. Maybe White Trash doesn’t really fit this image but I dont care. Dig that 18″ Avon Slick with exposed clutch and totally bitchin’ rear sets! This thing is built with style and slicker than snot!