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The Palace comes to the People’s Champ

This is the Palace from Brian Durk on Vimeo.

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More Living – Less Talking About It.

Dont kid yourself man…”choppers” are a facade. Motorcycles are a product and Lifestyle is what you make it.
Less Talk – More Living

Choppers for Life

This is my dude. I dont know what to say. He saves me from doing some really stupid shit sometimes. I guess it goes both ways though. Start ’em young and try to keep ’em safe. Choppers for life.

Friday Days – Friday Nights

Been busy. Hit the shop in the morning and knocked out my days work by noon. Headed to Rick’s to drop off a Triumph frame for some fab work. Got home just in time to sign for a UPS package (Z-bars) and feed the dog. Checked the mail on the way out only to find my Born Loser T-shirt finally arrived. (will post later) Borrowed a trailer. Moved a bike out of storage. Hit up a local watering hole. Come 1 am – I’m back at the garage and I finally tracked down that damn oil leak! This is what I call a good day. If only I had found a little time to get some riding in.

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Chopper Blog Slack

Yup, I’ve been slacking a bit. We’re moving to a new shop and trying to get the CHOPOUT plans finalized which is leaving little time for anything else. Hell, I even missed out on fellas night, last night. No tacos, no beer, no nothing. On a side note, I learned that using a spray gun for interior painting is the only way to paint! That roller BS is for chumps. New Digs photos coming soon along with some a whole Midwest garage series I’m planning for the winter. Choppers, bobbers, cafe racers, the whole thing. Check back often. Here’s a little trump I’ve been eyeballing.