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Shovelhead till Im Dead.


2000+ miles over the course of a week.
Another 600 miles over the last 2 days.
I’ve earned one gratuitous selfie so here it is.

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FOR SALE – “Mothership”

photo(52)1980 Shovelhead. Titled in my name. Brand new top end rebuild including pistons, cylinders and rings. Rockers and valves we’re cleaned up and brought back to spec. New AB cam and tappets. Tin inner/outer primary on the drive side covering a primo 1.5″ primary drive. Everything is built in an old jammer frame. I’ve put about 3k miles on it since finishing the motor work. Joe Hunt mag with early cast style mag body. 70’s CCW girder. New Avons front and rear (16 and 19). Chrome has about 2 seasons on it. I’ve ridden this bike all the way to hell and back. Starts and runs like a top. This bike has been really really good to me and it’ll be real good to anyone else looking to get into a big twin. Bring cash and ride it home. I’m not willing to part out so don’t ask. $7k takes it ($6500 without the mag). If interested, email me –

Super Stomper™ – In Stock!

We came up with this set up about 2 years ago. This slim master cylinder and reservoir mount to your kicker cover. Designed to work with stock trans mount mid control but can also work with forwards. The setup tucks tight and discrete to the frame rail and includes everything to bolt on a go. Did we mention this thing will stop a Mac Truck? Get yours here.


Midesotas are also back in stock!

Super Struts™ – now available!



Tired of the old plasma cut, mix matched, shit-chrome Smith+Fetrow struts? We sure were so we redesigned for a superior look and quality. Our Super Struts™ are significantly shorter than the originals with a slightly higher radius as well. Laser cut, pre-drilled and CHROMED, our struts are hard to beat. Super Struts fit both Big Twin & Sportster swingarm frames.

*Mounted width allows up to a 6.5″ wide fender.
*Pre 78 Sportster fenders (also available in the shop) are a perfect fit.
* Do these struts need cross braces? – nope!


David Mann Show – Minneapolis

Everyone lined up for the show. Ironheads, Cone shovels, Genny’s, Pans and Triumphs. The ride across town was cool. The show itself… I just wasn’t feeling it.

The pic above was from either Shane, New Kevin or Rager Kevin. Im not actually sure.