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Kaleb and Mason De Keyrel

Met these guys with their dad last night doing some indoor mini bike racing. Kaleb and Mason are into something really really cool. They’re your modern day motorrad family. Kaleb and his bro were “just gettin’ in some practice.” Kaleb (14) has been racing a moded R6 for some time now and to meet him and chat about racing was mind blowing. Mason (11) holds his own on the track and is really coming along in the sport as well.  They’re dad, Doug is doing an amazing job. These fellas are riding fast and smart. Check out their site and show these guys some support. Good luck this year.

Jammer Frame for sale

Older Big Twin 4spd Jammer frame for sale in the chopper shack. Good clean frame ready to build. Have a look.

Zombie Invasion Tip #1

You may or may not be aware but I am completely sure that the world will one day be ravaged my a zombie invasion. I spend every extra dollar preparing for the apocalypse and so should you. I keep my short barrel pump action shotgun close at hand (all the time). I keep the banshee tuned and ready to haul. I even keep my camping gear and a survival kit packed in a waterproof bag at all times. I know Im not the only one out there who is ready to move. You dont have to take it seriously, just be prepared.

WHERE TO GO: Great question. In my research I located a hand full of US locations for refuge. Its a commonly known fact that the best environment to evade zombies is a cold one. Tower MN was recently ranked Number 1 in the midwest in “Towns to Seek Refuge during a Zombie Invasion.” I ranked it myself. Visit the sleepy town. Get to know the area. Ive been there dozens of times myself. In the instance of zombie attack, cold climate allows for slow if not frozen zombies. Hold up in your cabin with food, guns, some refer. Make it part of your routine to patrol your area in the winter months and take care of business. The more diligent you are in the winter, the easier your spring/summer will be. NOTE: The Boundary Waters area includes a number of secluded islands just a mile or two from the coast of Vermilion. These locations are ideal as they usually have a suitable rustic (non-electric) cabin available. Yes, zombies can walk across the frozen lake in the winter but from your island, you have a clear vantage point to pick em off well before you are faced with a legitimate attack.