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Garage Pics

I’ve picked up a lot of parts recently and have made a lot of headway on the time machine. I finally stopped to grab the camera and snap some pics for the chopper blog. Just a bunch of random shit. Enjoy.

Satan’s Chariot

Killing time waiting for the fellas to show up. Got a nice little pic of Satan’s Chariot (a.k.a “Beelzebub’s Vibrator”). Nothing but an iPhone camera and my motion sensor light from the garage. It was seriously looking like some kind of magazine spread shit or something. Rode out last night for a while. Cold as ever. Stopped by the Temple to catch up with folks. Looks like a lot of new stuff is coming out of that shop next year. Minnesota is where it’s at. Dig it. Support your local chopper blog. Visit our booth at Sundays Viking Swap on the Fairgrounds.



Congrats Spencer & Pre-Tilt Party

Spencer has been hard at work all week trying to get his little Triumph rocking. After much frustration and late nights… she’s alive and actually ridable. It was a little touch and go there for a while but he managed to squeak the bike past the finish line early this evening. Check him out today at Full Tilt. Where exactly is full tilt at? Great questions. Victoria and Jefferson intersection in St Paul right next to Tav on the Ave. Be there. This will be Epic.

On a side note. It’s 1am and I’m at the shop downloading video and pics from the Pre-Tilt party. Steve lent me a really sweet Rode mic for my camera. Making me look all for serious and what not. Harpoon and Grant (Born Free/FMA) are here, Josh Kurpius and the Death Science crew made it, Eternal combustion is here along with a whole lot of other folks too. The show is all on the up and up. This thing will be quite the gathering.

Death to Formality

Our kickstarter project didnt reach its funding goal. Bummer but fuck it. It’s tough to be bummed when we’re only a couple weeks away from BornFree. We still managed to scrape up enough extra $$ to get our asses there and back with a camera in hand and that’s all it really takes.

So death to formality and on with the show! We got us a new camera and we’re working on all the other loose ends. Stay tuned. Here’s a quick peek at where I’m at on the Love Whip.

House of the Temple of the Wolf

St Patty’s day I headed to the House of the Temple of the Wolf. Between Zac, Dave and Gator, these dudes have attempted most every part combination you can think of. I usually save myself a lot of frustration by just hanging around, asking questions and gettin my learnin on. Met some cool people as always, had a couple beers and stared at a pant load of Magnetos. That shit is right on time. I gotta think about gettin me one.

Snapped a couple pics with the camera phone and when I got home and looked at them I realized I had the fixins for a pretty slick panoramic. Click the above image and check it out full size. Dig it!