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Heated storage is BACK!

It’s a little late in the season but we’ve recently scored more heated storage! $30/month gets you a spot in a safe, secure, heated building with full video surveillance.  We’ll tend you battery and stabilize your tank. Hell, I’ll even dust the thing off for you when you’re ready to pick it up.  Located near Dinkytown and North East area. Store your bike, scooter, atv mx, whatever. Email Brian at to book a spot today.

Brian’s Shovel

Finally got my shovel! Cant believe the day finally came. Once I get done ripping that spike and skull crap off, I think she’ll do just fine. It was covered in garage dust the first time I saw it. Didnt realize until now but she’s got a Hi-4, chrome trans case, S&S Shorty E, and a hand full of other chrome extras that will likely get re-purposed for the build. I gotta say, I’m loving it. Did I mention the plate number is 666? Yeah – for real. I thought I was reading it wrong or some shit. Crazy!

Here’s a pic. I threw a spare wassell tank and solo seat on it. I also swapped over to a different bar for mock up purpose. I got plans to make this thing my Born Free Funky Stick! – Dig it.

Happy Birthday Sonny!

Happy birthday sonny! We’re back from vacation. Sorry for the delayed posts this past week. Brian’s boy, “Sonny” just had is big first birthday. Celebrated with the family pack coming out from back east to spend the week partying. As all of you already know – the weather in MN was sh*t most of the week but we all still managed to have a blast.