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Peoples Champ – Introduction

So I guess a blog isn’t totally dead cause here I am!

Charlie and I are taking part in the Peoples Champ competition this year and we’re really stepping up a lot of what we’ve done in the past. We’re both pushing our skill levels cause lets face it, we’re fucking amateurs! We’re dividing the project between motor and frame and then collaborating on everything else. Dorius is creating a Bullneck, wishbone narrow swingarm frame. And I’m building a gen/alt pan shovel with dual carbs and a generator mounted magneto. Here’s a pic of the first mock up after a round of dress up last night. I’m going to post more pics on how I’m making my own generator mounted magneto and Dorius will be slowly unveiling more of the frame details, tins, stance, etc. Give myself (@speed_club) and Dorius (@charliedorius) a follow. Thanks!





Shovelhead till Im Dead.


2000+ miles over the course of a week.
Another 600 miles over the last 2 days.
I’ve earned one gratuitous selfie so here it is.

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Motorcycle iPhotog

So yes, I do have fancy cameras for video and photography but fuck all that. I just don’t like being bothered with stuff. Stuff around my neck, stuff around my wrist, stuff on my back, you know… STUFF. I’d rather ride dirty and shoot from the hip when the mood hits me. Don’t get me wrong. Power to those with the dedication, addiction and passion to carry that stuff around with them (Zac D. – Kurpius).

Gimme the experience. Gimme the adventure and gimme something to write with.
– Pencils take better pictures anyway.