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Scramblin’ Rose


Congrats to Taylor! We finished her bike up last week and she took it home on Saturday morning. This little scrambler went from dead on arrival to a 1-kick zinger. I do love my Harleys but ripping one of these little Hondas through city traffic is a lot of fun. If you’re in the Twin Cities and need a hand with your Japanese or Harley motorcycle, give a ring.


Speed Class?

Can you dig it!? HEAVY himself gettin some pics of my bike for the upcoming issue of Show Class magazine! Rolled the bike out over the highway along an old caged foot bridge. Zac’s got an eye for finding places like this. Z snapped some crazy riding shots too. Nothing says gangster like a long bike in motion. By a Speed Club Tshirt. Help me get to Born Free.

high on our own supply

Which means shit to all you west coasters but to the Midwest, we’re straight high on our own supply right now. Everyone’s brains are waking up and suddenly there’s a huge burst of energy and activity. Its both inspiring and oddly ambitious for a bunch of dirt bags who wouldn’t normally give a fuck anyway, right? Satan’s Dildo fired up on the second kick last week after sitting the entire winter. I’m thinking its the sign of a Wild Summer to come. Hell, I realized on Sunday that the long bike’s trans was all kinds of F’d up. I managed to pull it, rebuild it and reinstalled it by Monday night. I’ve got tons of positive vibes pouring out of my fingertips right now.

Heated storage is BACK!

It’s a little late in the season but we’ve recently scored more heated storage! $30/month gets you a spot in a safe, secure, heated building with full video surveillance.  We’ll tend you battery and stabilize your tank. Hell, I’ll even dust the thing off for you when you’re ready to pick it up.  Located near Dinkytown and North East area. Store your bike, scooter, atv mx, whatever. Email Brian at to book a spot today.

Get to work, son!

Im on fire right now son! Threw a new MK on a wheel, bars welded last night, sold some shit, bought some shit, bent up a bitch bar with New Kevin and I’ve got a vintage track racing bike project coming into the shop here shortly. I should have my frame ready for paint by Valentines Day. Donnie Smiffz here I come bitch!