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Shout out to Wilford and Sons

Was out on the East Coast for a while again. Swung by a few spots I haven’t visited in more than 7 years. Caught up with some old friends and officially lost touch with others. I guess you really do win some and lose some. Found this pic today and reminded me of Wilford and his boys back in DE. Wilford and his two sons ran a little bike shop from a padlocked garage behind the old train station. Good guys. Good work. Cash only.

Vern’s Triumph Speed Triple

My neighbor Vern’s got this really great Triumph Speed Triple. I’ve always been a sucker for those single sided swing arms and that straight out of the showroom street fighter look. Gotta admit, Triumph motorcycles have got style. Since year one, these bikes have definied cool in so many ways. Snapped this photo out at the bike shop a month back. Just found it in my phone and thought it would make a nice addition to the chopper blog. Dig it.