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Get to work, son!

Im on fire right now son! Threw a new MK on a wheel, bars welded last night, sold some shit, bought some shit, bent up a bitch bar with New Kevin and I’ve got a vintage track racing bike project coming into the shop here shortly. I should have my frame ready for paint by Valentines Day. Donnie Smiffz here I come bitch!



Life’s a Drag!

Drag bikes are my thing. I cant get enough of em and Im pretty sure the next bike project I get sucked into will almost definitely end up being a drag bike of some kind. Im thinking either an H3, RD, KZ or maybe Ill go shovel. I cant wait to drag the wife and kids down to the track to sit under a white tent, eatin hotdogs, and sippin on coca cola. Drag racing is good old family fun.

Speed Club Drag Bike Project

Rode out to the Bearded Lady last Saturday on the Speed Club Drag Bike project. Here’s a before/after of the conversion. Started with my xs650 bobber and went from there. More coming during this winter. Chopper Blog – Dig it.