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Knuckle Shuffle

My boss is a total prick so Im calling out of work.
Melvins on the headphones and it looks like Ill be doing this, this weekend.
Knuckle Shuffle – 3 days in the same clothes. Hobo baths at the gas station. Cold Beers and a complete lack of self respect.

New Speed Club Tee’s

Just finished printing these this morning. Black on Gray – The only way. 100% Made by ME in the USA. Printed on some sweet ass soft cotton that my buddy found for me. In case you dont know… I produce nothing. All shirt proceeds go to me, my bikes, travels, beer, gas, and drugs. So buy a shirt and help me get to Born Free this year. Thanks a pant load!

2 Wheel Turkeys

Quite the weekend. Had all my family in town from out east. In 24 hours, my brothers and I hammered through a couple cases of beer, got tossed out of a strip club, ate a turkey, wheelied my mini bike, met some Vikings Cheerleaders and squeezed in a little trap shooting. I think i might have broke my foot this morning too. We did it all. Here are a few pics from the weekend.




Garage Feature II – CT is NE

I met CT a couple years back at the Bearded Lady Motorcycle Show. To put it to you straight… CT is North East. He’s involved in a little bit of everything. CT was part of the the once mighty Track Stars. He’s a regular fixture at Blue Cat. He runs every year at the Salt Flats and CT is one of the guiding forces behind the Bearded Lady. He runs a lot of bikes and is real big into his vintage Italian and Japanese stuff. Especially his Suzuki 2-stroke triples.

CT spends his winters keeping busy in his garage.  A couple cans of Hamms, crank the heater, a few touches here and there on the ratrod and the snow keeps falling. Eventually Bearded Lady plans start up as the snow and ice start to melt.

I asked a little more about how that (cycle show) whole thing got started. CT is always quick to pass off the success to his other partners in crime who lend a very large helping hand. In fact, he’s one of the most humble dudes I’ve ever met. “Truth is” he says, “the whole thing was sorta started out of spite.” Apparently, CT and some friends attended a few vintage Japanese bike show years back and unfortunately, the judges never quite knew how to judge their whips. It started to get pretty obvious that there were a lot of custom classics in the Twin Cities in need of an event where they could get a little appreciation. “Fuck it, I’m gonna start my own show for the kind of bikes that deserve it.”

Years later and here we are. The streets have to be shut down. Vendors and sponsors line up in advance and the permits need to be legit. The Lady has really taken on a life of its own. Everybody… and I mean EVERYBODY attends.  See you there this July 23rd. Speed Club will be out with booth overhead and beer in hand as usual.
Dig it. Thanks CT.

Late Nights at the Shop

Every now and again, I end up pulling a double duty over at the print shop. It’s kinda cool cause I can crank the music without the business next door getting all “sandy vagina’d” on me. When the work day is through I can crack a beer, start shutting down and on occasion… even take some late night pics. I love my machines. In the daylight, they just sit quietly waiting for me to wake them up. And then when deadlines start gettin real crazy, this place is pounding and the floor vibrates like a locomotive. I love my machines. All 10 tons of them.