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Speed Club Garage

Speed Club Garage last year. Come a long way since then. More of everything. Heat, sheet rock, insulation and bikes. Im thinking about putting a hammock in the corner these days. Fuck a bed.

Fathers Day in Minnesota

Woke up to a little corn beef and eggs with a side of black coffee and toast. Cruised over to Back to the 50’s car show for some swap meet action. Kind of a dead scene considering it was Sunday. I did see this gem of a Gasser parked somewhere just off the beaten path. I couldnt pass up getting a quick picture.

From there I went home and got out the bike. Took a ride over to the Blind Lizard cycle rally in Minneapolis to catch up with CT. Reinhart came limping in on his Triumph. Points were well beyond useless. Pretty Rick and the Monk happened to be in the crowd and decided to do the Minnesota thing and come over and get his points readjusted. After a little file action and a few swift kicks, the salty dog was up and running on two cylinders again. New points are being installed as I type.

Came home, napped for a hour, ate a sub, went back to bed. All in all – a good fathers day.

ATV’s = FUN! Dig it – Speed Club

Went out Sunday to Cattail Trail in Polk County Wisconsin to break in the new Banshee. Had a pretty good time. The trail is 100% flat (railroad bed) without many turns at all. Ultimately not the most exciting of trails but it was great for opening that Banshee up and jamming through the gears. I was definitely pushing 70MPH at one stretch which reassured me that ATV’s = FUN! Dig it – Speed Club