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Bearded Lady Freak Show!

The Bearded Lady Motorcycle Freak Show is always a great time and this year appears to keep the good times rolling! CT just dropped the flyer on me. Speed Club will be there as usual. Come out and say hello. Great beer, bikes, and bands. This is guaranteed to be the most diverse motorcycle event the Twin Cities has to offer.

JULY 21st, 2012
13th & University Ave NE

Welcome to Summer

I’m running around like a mad man these days. Getting ready for both the Bearded Lady and Full Tilt. My bike is at Jordan’s shop getting some fab magic. New shirts are supposed to be ready today. The heat has finally let up. Friends visited last weekend and work is work. Last night I needed to find myself so I sat on a stool in front of that damn Vespa till midnight. Zen is working in the garage.


Brothers from the North!

These are the folks we met who cruised all the way down to southern Cali from Vancover Canada! You should have seen it. Old Toyota right-side steering 4 cylinder diesel utility truck pulling a little 10ft air streamer that had apparently been struck with a baseball bat one or twice. These people were about the nicest folk we’d met in the entire trip. They’ve even got a little dirt moto scene going on which revolves around XT500’s. They won best unit Triumph with the mind melter pictured in the rear. Dig those freaked out bars.

I hope to see them again some time. Hopefully we can get them to stop out for the Bearded Lady or Full Tilt party!

Coming very – very soon

Mark yo calendars bitches! Speed Club will have the booth up again, same as last year. Shirts and the like for sale. Check out the Bearded Lady freak Show Site here. Dig it.

Bearded Lady Freak Show – 2011

It’s on. Just heard from CT. Looks like plans are in full swing. Should be another great year. Speed Club will be there with more bikes, parts, shirts, stickers, helmets, etc as usual. Dig it. Check out the show info here or in our forum. Rock -n- Roll. support your local chopper blog.