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Davenport 2016

Davenport was a blast this past year. I rode down with Erik and Eric and Lacky and Joe and we all had a lot of laughs. Lots of amazing bikes to see and rusty gold to buy. Here’s a pic of one of my favorite bikes sitting in front of the Olson’s spot. 62/63ish DuoGlide in pussy pink. So completely perfect.



Jordan scored an amazing Triumph for his lady love Heather. The three of us went Lording through St Paul last night. Thanks for the sweet pic, Heather.


Kaleb and Mason De Keyrel

Met these guys with their dad last night doing some indoor mini bike racing. Kaleb and Mason are into something really really cool. They’re your modern day motorrad family. Kaleb and his bro were “just gettin’ in some practice.” Kaleb (14) has been racing a moded R6 for some time now and to meet him and chat about racing was mind blowing. Mason (11) holds his own on the track and is really coming along in the sport as well.  They’re dad, Doug is doing an amazing job. These fellas are riding fast and smart. Check out their site and show these guys some support. Good luck this year.

Full Tilt Video – Coming Soon!

Almost ready to roll it out. Still needs another couple days to get everything just right. Everything is looking amazing. Check back soon to check it out! Much appreciation to Heavy, FMA, Death Science, Eternal Combustion, 7the Street tattoo Union Speed and every other vendor/ participant that made it out! Support your local chopper blogs. Dig it.

Born Free and Back…?

Still whirling on the trip.There was so much to see and do. I tried my best to capture as much amazing shit as possible. I saw great electric giants and found a lost cycle wastelands in the middle of the desert. Never mind the rattle snakes as we watched a one legged man kick start a Bonneville Harley flathead, I was spin kicking the devil into a 20ft dream catcher while some kid from Canada proceeded to melt my mind! Just then I thought I’d survive the flames but instead I was fed two year old chili and accidentally stepped on Speed Ages orange rug. I was a foreigner in this land yet I still managed to find a 4 speed ratchet case and single-handedly stopped some 8 year old girl from beaning our van with a brick. I was lucky this time but I have the map and we shall return!  ~ Enjoy!

*oh yeah – Hot Donna was there too.