Replacing Sidecar Loops

I’ve had the crap frame for 3-4 years. Someone took a drop seat pan frame and hard tailed it using the back half of an early rigid pan frame. Why they didn’t just use the rigid pan frame to begin with is anyones guess?? So it was straight enough but the front motor mount holes were hogged out to nearly 1/2 in to get the motor to bolt down and the front cradle was rounded tubing (swing arm style) instead of rigid straight or wishbone legs. My buddy Kevin had a set of straight leg loops in a  rusty pile of frame bits so I bought em from him. I needed a new front motor mount as well. I was going to get one from VCP but ended up finding a better deal elsewhere. Tossed the frame up in Charlie’s frame jig. Bolted a set of cases into the rear mounts and got to cuttin’ up

Everything went pretty smooth and it really wasn’t the hassle I thought it would be. In the end, I’ve got a pretty accurate looking straight leg frame which is perfectly plum and ready for finishing. Here’s a little pic of the front legs. I still haven’t finished filling but that shouldn’t be more than 1 or 2 sittings. If you have a hard tailed shovelhead frame, I would highly recommend a front loop swap. The rigid look is a little closer to accurate and the cost was minimal.


Dig it.

the Stranger – Jan/2016

Found this pic from 2 years ago of the frame Charlie made for our showclass peoples champ thing. We didn’t make it past the second round which was a bummer but the work we had accomplished in the process was in my opinion, well on it’s way to greatness. Swingarm frame which was narrowed in the rear, then wishboned up front with an original bull neck on top. Add round swingarm and go.



Rigs of Dad.

This was my old, old, old whip from 2011. I remember this wasn’t “the in style” when I built this thing so it just seemed to get overlooked a lot of the time but she was a blast to build and a dream/nightmare to ride. So many times thins thing managed to get me home and every time I kissed the ground that I wasn’t in a body bag. Party forever, Ebony Queen.


Remember, not all choppers suck butthole these days – some are still pretty cool.

We got that good SHIFT

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kungfu-kick-websize supershifter-web



Down in the Basement

My workshop is down in a basement with a small street level garage entrance/exit. No windows so you can never exactly tell what time it is. A lot like a casino. I’ve got my tools and my records and my bikes and daydreams all secretly stashed down there. It’s probably one of my favorite places on earth. I typically don’t like to show off my personal space but I took this shot the other night of my most recent mock up. I dig it. blah blah.